SKYFIST Studio was founded in 2019 by Pogos Harutyunyan, an American businessman of Armenian descent. Today it is a dynamically growing international production company with ambitious goals and a professional team.
SKYFIST Studio's portfolio includes two musicals:
SUNSET BOULEVARD - The Russian-language premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary broadway musical starring Tamara Gverdtsiteli will premiere in Yerevan in April 2023. Anton Mouzykantskii’s new production is presented by special agreement with Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Really Useful Group Ltd.
THE VOICES OF MIRRORS is the first original musical created in Armenia and for Armenia. The philosophical plot is inspired by the books of the Old and New Testaments and is dedicated to the eternal struggle of the light and dark sides of human nature. Creation of this musical could not be interrupted even by the Pandemic, and the creative process continues today - to bring the project to the world premiere.
promotion of Armenian culture and art in Armenia and abroad
creation of international world-class productions with the participation of Armenian artists
producing new productions of legendary classics as well as developing new, original work
The musical "Sunset Boulevard" is based on the sensational tragicomedy of the same name by film director Billy Wilder in the noir style with Gloria Swanson in the leading role. The libretto based on the famous film was written by Christopher Hampton and Don Black, and the music for it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. All three authors were awarded the most prestigious Broadway theatre award - both in "Best Libretto for a Musical" and “Best Original Score (music and lyrics) written for the theatre” nominations.

During its almost thirty-year history, “Sunset Boulevard” has been staged in many countries and in different languages of the world - and in 2023 its history continues in Armenia. Despite its international popularity, the musical “Sunset Boulevard” has not yet been presented in any of the CIS countries - its Armenian premiere with a Russian text will take place in 2023 on the stage of the Karen Demirchyan SCC. The performance was developed by an international team specifically for SKYFIST STUDIO. The director of the Yerevan staging is Anton Mouzykantsky.

The audience and guests of Yerevan will be the first spectators of this musical by Webber - in Russian, on the territory of Armenia and on the territory of the CIS countries. Whatever the fate of the Russian-language version is, the Armenian “Sunset Boulevard” will remain in the history of the genre as a pioneer.

The new staging is carried out with the permission of the copyright holders under an exclusive agreement with the Webber Theatre Company. The performance is not a "transfer" of the Western version: this is an authorial reading of the musical, an original production created for the Yerevan audience with the participation of Armenian artists who have passed the national casting.
Premiere - April 2023, Yerevan, Armenia
Music - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Libretto - Christopher Hampton and Don Black
Staging - Anton Mouzykantsky
Translation of the libretto - Daria Aksenova
THE VOICES OF MIRRORS - the first original musical created in Armenia and for Armenia. The philosophical plot of the upcoming performance is inspired by the books of the Old and New Testaments and is dedicated to the eternal struggle of the light and dark sides of human nature. The work on the musical could not be interrupted even by the Pandemic, the creative process continues today – to lead the project to the world premiere.

What should we be guided by when making a decision: by the heart or by the reason? Some of us prefer to follow reason, ignoring the voice of the heart, while others tend to make exclusively emotional decisions. These two opposite approaches are characterized by different criteria and a set of values. Emotional or rational decision-making - the authors of the musical offer you to solve this dilemma from the point of view of art.
We are constantly looking for talents to participate in SKYFIST STUDIO projects - and we invite professional artists and amateur actors to our creative database, without waiting for the announcement of the next casting. Take this opportunity and be the first to receive notifications about auditions for our musicals!
We are looking forward to receiving a letter from you! Maybe YOU will be the star of the next SKYFIST STUDIO project!
send detailed actor’s questionnaire with photos and videos to career@skyfist.com
At least two photos - a high-quality studio portrait without makeup and a full-length photograph in ordinary clothes. The relevance of the photos is no more than a few months.
Also do not forget to send a link to your showreel / video / examples of your work in theatre / cinema / television / advertising. We will be especially glad to see a video with your vocals. If there are no such records yet, just record a short story about yourself on the camera and attach it to the letter as a file.
In the questionnaire, we recommend to specify:
Requirements for the questionnaire
date of birth and date of filling out the questionnaire
favorite musical
clothing and shoe sizes
height and weight
favorite artist
city of permanent residence
favorite song
vocal timbre (soprano/alto/contralto - for girls; tenor/baritone/bass - for men)
vocal proficiency (academic /jazz/folk/pop)
work experience in musicals or musical performances (if available)
knowledge of musical notation (yes/no/have an ear for music / ready to learn)
ability to work in a vocal ensemble (yes/no/ready to learn)
musical instrument proficiency (if available)
experience in conducting TV shows, radio programs, concerts (if available)
work experience in theatre, cinema, television, radio, advertising (if available)
dance training (ballet /jazz dance / step / folk dance /just love to dance / ready to learn)
additional skills (acrobatics/ horse riding/ juggling/ fencing and other skills you are proud of)
experience in dubbing films or cartoons (if available)
language proficiency (Armenian/Russian/English/other)
education and place of work with indication of the most significant roles
eye colour and hair colour
concert performance experience (if available)
dream role
Poghos Harutyunyan
businessman, producer, founder and head of SKYFIST Studio
I want my efforts to help fellow-countrymen find themselves in Armenia: so that they are not forced to seek their fate in foreign countries, so that the creative people of my homeland know that here they can develop, achieve success and be recognized all over the world.

Therefore, I am ready to bring world projects to Armenia and involve local artists in these projects, as well as help Armenian talents gain wide recognition abroad. I want them to be the best!