Poghos Harutyunyan
producer, founder and head of SKYFIST Studio
An American businessman and maecenas of Armenian descent, who has chosen the promotion of Armenian culture and art in Armenia and abroad as his mission.
Poghos Harutyunyan, a native of Yerevan, was professionally engaged in dancing from an early age – one of his teachers was Vanush Khanamiryan, artistic director of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia. After leaving Armenia at the age of 23, Poghos settled in Los Angeles, where he established his successful business from scratch. Created by Poghos Harutyunyan, SKYFIST Studio has started producing entertainment shows and musicals.

A large–scale debut of SKYFIST Studio will be the Yerevan staging of the legendary Broadway musical "Sunset Boulevard" (April, 2023) - the Russian-language premiere of the musical, which is carried out with the permission of the copyright holders under a special agreement with Andrew Lloyd Webber's theatre company The Really Useful Group Ltd. The authorial reading of the musical, the original staging (director: Anton Mouzykantsky, London), created with the participation of Armenian artists who have passed an open national casting and the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia (conductor: Mariam Barskaya, Moscow) will be presented in Yerevan.
SKYFIST Studio is also producing the original musical "The Voices of Mirrors", the mystical plot of which is a modern exposition of the eternal dilemma (what should we be guided by when making a decision – by the heart or by the reason?) with an unpredictable and unexpected ending. The producer started the production of "The Voices of Mirrors" in 2019 – he assembled an international star team that continued working on the musical after the lockdown caused by the Pandemic.
The SKYFIST Studio Team
Mariam Chteyan
Head of the administrative department
Deputy general producer
Mila Avakyan
Executive producer
Armen Jilavyan
Ticket desk coordinator
Lilit Balabekyan
Casting director
Lusine Danielyan
Asya Jilavyan
Casting assistant
Anna Kirakosyan
Web developer, engineer
Ashot Dumikyan
SMM specialist
Mariam Darbinyan
Web, UX/UI designer
Milena Darbinyan
Anush Baghdasaryan
Graphic Designer
Suren Sujyan
Gagik Maryanyan
PR Coordinator
David Grigoryan
I want my efforts to help fellow-countrymen find themselves in Armenia: so that they are not forced to seek their fate in foreign countries, so that the creative people of my homeland know that here they can develop, achieve success and be recognized all over the world.
Poghos Harutyunyan
businessman, producer, founder and head of SKYFIST Studio